1.  Keep your paint workable

images (1)aAcrylics are noted for their fast drying time so it is best to squeeze out small amounts as you work. Get hold of a spray bottle if you are using a glass or plastic palette. Periodically spraying a light mist over the paint will keep it moist and easy to use. If leaving the paint overnight, cover palette with plastic wrap.


2. Accidental drips

imagesEach time you rinse your brush, blot or wipe it on a cloth/rag or paper towel. Always keep the cloth handy and close to your water jar. By rinsing and wiping your brush you avoid accidental water-drops and accidental splotches on your art work.


 3. Blends

You’ll need to work at a pace when it comes to blending colors because of the quick-images (1)drying time of acrylics. For those of you who work on paper, you can increase your work time by dampening the paper.


 4. Clean lines
Dried acrylic paint can easily handle masking tape on its surface. You can use images (2)masking tape for those clean, sharp lines in your painting. As long as the paint is thoroughly dry, you won’t damage the existing layer when you remove the tape. Press tape-edges down firmly.



5. Painting white over colors

images (3)When you paint white over darker colors, white can tend to appear slightly blue. If you want your whites to appear whiter, you will need to apply more than one coat to neutralize the bluish effect.


6. Tips for brushes

images (4)If you do not use your brushes on a regular basis, wash them thoroughly in water with a little soap, rinse well and put them away. Leaving them in water will rot the bristles. If you do a lot of dry brush work in your painting use the cheaper brushes rather than spend a lot of money on brushes that will be trashed in a relatively short time. Never use solvents like turpentine or white spirits to wash your brushes.


7. Slow work periods

downloadIf you are have sections of your painting where you can’t work fast, a tube of acrylic retarder will help to slow down the drying time of your acrylics. Also use plastic covering to preserve paint.



8. Oil and wax

images (5)Always make sure that any surface you plan to paint on is free of wax or oil so that your paint adheres properly.


9. Painting on glass

Acrylic paint can be used on varied surfaces but use acrylic on glass you images (6)need to add caseine paste makes the paint hold on glass. It is excellent for creating the stained-glass window translucent effect.


10. Paint tubes

download (1)Keep pair of pliers or multigrips nearby to unscrew those very difficult to loosen paint tube caps. Soaking the tube in hot water is too time consuming.


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