Gloss mediums are excellent for bringing out the dominant brilliance of acrylic paint.  They add a new dimension to your acrylic paintings!

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Gloss gel    Fabric medium    Matte gel    Glazing    Modeling paste    Pouring medium

Acrylic texture mediums increase the tactile quality of your painting. They can add a whole new dimension to your work. It is easy to create great impasto effects with acrylic medium texture … or even to create a staining effect by going over the medium with acrylic paint … you can also etch creative designs into the dried medium for very innovative results.

Liquitex Professional Gloss Gel, Medium, 8 Ounce

Contains permanent artist pigments.  All colors dry to a satin finish.  Intermixable with all Liquitex Professional Acrylic Colors and Mediums.  Ideal for learning color theory and color mixing.   All colors hold the AP Seal from ACMI and are safe for educational use. Visit our Liquitex Amazon Storefront for full product assortment.

Thick, creamy with satin finish; Good pigment load
Retains peaks and brush strokes; Ideal for learning color theory and color mixing
Includes 237ml tube of acrylic paint
Intermixable with Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint Colors and Mediums.
Conforms to ASTM D4236; Safe for educational use

Ranger Dina Wakley Media Gel Medium, 4-Ounce, Matte Finish

Matte Finish; Acid-free; Non toxic
Gel Medium is an excellent medium to use with resist techniques glazing and can even be used as a sealant
This package contains one 4oz jar of matte finish gel medium

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Medium Heavy Carvable Modeling Paste, 500ml

Tough and fully carve-able; it remains flexible on a variety of surfaces
Suitable for multiple layers
Formulated to have the least effect on color change from wet to dry
May be over-painted
Color may be added directly to modeling paste but color will become lighter and more chalky and the resulting paste will have reduced body

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Gloss gel

Acrylic Gel Medium is one of the acrylic mediums that create texture and act as an adhesive. … This medium enhances the adhesive properties of the paint and durability.

gl gel

Art Advantage 8-Ounce

Acrylic Gloss Gel. Medium

gl gel2 

Professional Gloss Gel,

Medium, 8 Ounce

gl gel3

Golden Artist Colors –

Soft Gel Gloss – 8 oz Jar

gl gel4

Golden Acryl Med 32 Oz

Soft Gel Gloss

gl gel5

Liquitex Professional Gloss

Heavy Gel Medium, 8-oz

gl gel6

Pro-Art Golden Regular

Semi-Gloss Gel, 8-Ounce

 Matte gel

Matte medium is for a non-reflective finish. It cuts back on the naturally glossy appearance of acrylic paint.


Golden Regular Gel

Matte, 8-Ounce


Sax True Flow Artists

Acrylic Matte Gel –

500 Milliliters


Ranger Dina Wakley Media Gel

Medium, 4-Ounce, Matte Finish


Art Advantage 8-Ounce

Acrylic Matte Gel, Medium


Liquitex Matte Super Heavy

Gel Medium 946ml (32 oz)


Tri-Art Low Viscosity Artist

Mediums, 250ml, Gel Matte

Fabric medium

Enhances the workability of acrylic paint on fabric

Liquitex Professional Fabric Effects Medium, 4-oz


Glazing medium makes acrylic paint more transparent.


Winsor & Newton Professiona

Acrylic Glazing Medium,



Golden Acrylic Glazing

Liquid Satin – 32 oz Jar


 8-Ounce Glazing Medium


Sennelier Extra-Fine Artist

Acrylic Gloss Fluid Glazing

Medium 75 ml Bottle


Pro-Art Golden Acrylic

Semi-Gloss Glazing

Liquid, 8-Ounce


DecoArt Traditions Artist

Acrylic Glazing Medium,


 Modeling paste

Modeling paste is similar to gel medium but it is much harder and thicker.


Artist Acrylic Modeling

Paste Medium

, 1, 32-Ounce


Winsor & Newton Acrylic

Medium Heavy Carvable

Modeling Paste, 500ml


Liquitex Professional

Modeling Paste Medium,

128-oz (gallon)


Professional Light Modeling

Paste Medium, 16-oz


Auxiliaries, Studio Modeling

Paste 250-Milliliter


Grumbacher 52616 16-Ounce

Modeling Paste (Hyplar) Artists

Acrylic Medium Jar

Pouring medium

Pouring medium makes acrylic paints pour more smoothly and improves their consistency. … They also improve the overall integrity of your paints, so that they dry and finish without cracking, separating, or fading.

Decoart DS135-65 Pouring Medium

Apple Barrel 44840E Acrylic Pouring Medium, 16 oz

Liquitex 5432 Professional Pouring Effects Medium, 32-oz

Sargent Art 22-8827 Pouring Acrylic Medium, 128 oz

Golden Artist Colors Color Pouring Medium, Gloss Finish, 32 Ounce Bottle (3501-7)

Owatrol Easy Flow, Acrylic Pouring Medium, Paint Conditioner, Water-based, 2.5 Liters

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