Acrylic vs Watercolor

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I started using my acrylics as a watercolor … when I use water to dilute the acrylic into a transparent wash, it looks just like traditional watercolor paints. There are a few differences between the paints, though.

With acrylic paint, the washes of color will dry true to their color. They don’t dry lighter like watercolor washes. The colors stay as deep when they are dry as they do when they are wet.

images (12)0No matter how many layers of wash you use, your acrylic washes will never look muddy. A wash becomes permanent when dry and won’t re-hydrate when another wash of color is added over it. The colors remain clean.

It is best to use brushes that have soft bristles for applying layers of wash. The sable brush is a favorite because it is great for either acrylic or watercolor.

If you love watercolor, but don’t love some of the blending issues, try diluted acrylic paint. You may like the results. Use inexpensive acrylic paint for your washes. Have fun!