I’d like to share with you my awesome experience with a unique online-organization called, Wealthy Affiliate.” As a Public School Teacher, the furthest thing from my mind was to establish an online business. However, the fickle finger of fate pointed me in that direction and here I am, Director of this website.

After reading testimony after testimony regarding Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and doing a lot of research, I chose to join  this terrific organization. Building a successful online business has been my inspiration ever since. One of the greatest features of WA is the option to speak with people who gladly talk about their experiences and how they have acquired the knowledge and the skills to build a business online. “Live Chat” is available 24/7 at Wealthy Affiliate and it is like an endless  river of help and assistance.

In my humble opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is a heaven-sent opportunity.  The level of professionalism they exhibit is beyond average expectations. WA  can educate and empower anyone from any walk of life.

The “WA” Journey

I knew everything about the classroom and nothing about building websites. When I retired from teaching, WA came long soon after. I learned to build a website  and am currently teaching online.  I didn’t want to give up teaching, just the daily grind of it. I was ready to work from my home office and WA allowed me to do that. I also have other websites, this being one of them.

In truth, it wasn’t easy learning to build websites but it was well worth the effort. We all run into difficulties as part of the learning process. Students at Wealthy Affiliate are taught step by step on how to build and design a website. You are never alone during the learning phase because there are persons all along the way to assist and mentor you. 

How The Website-Building Strategy Works:

  1. Begin training (a very easy process to follow).
  2. Video training, Classroom training, and Tutorial training.
  3. 100,000’s of helpful community members at your finger tips.
  4. Interactive, live help Around the clock.
  5. 2 beautifully designed websites, free.
  6. 2 domain name , free.
  7. Completely free to get started! (with no catches) /Purchase a premium membership down the line, or remain a free member forever.

Program Overview 

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

For: Beginners and/or experts

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Cost: “zero” to start or stay

About The Owners

The owners Kyle and Carson are active in the Wealthy Affiliate community. They are there every day making sure that everyone who is a part of the community is being well taken care of. If you are running campaigns,  operating websites, or getting your business rolling, Kyle and Carson are there helping to make it happen for you. They will make sure you reach your goals  and live your dream.


Yes, you can … no matter what. You can be a part of this amazing community, and you don’t need computer or website-building experience. Age or nationality is irrelevant. All you need is determination to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll receive help in deciding what business is right for you, if you’re  not sure. You will be in good hands.