Acrylic Paint and Clay

Pottery enthusiasts listen up! … Acrylic paint has some qualities that should be of interest to you. Did you know that artist acrylic can be painted on ceramic bisque? Did you know that there are ceramic sculptors who use a combination of glaze and acrylics to finish their pieces? Some ceramic sculptors even use artist acrylics exclusively.

If you work with bisque or fired ceramic ware, you understand how porous un-glazed clay can be. To test this fact, use a ceramic bowl that is fired but has not yet been glazed. Fill it with water and in a matter of hours the water will, slowly but surely, filtrate through from the inside to the outside. Keep the cup in the sink for this experiment.

That is why we must use a primer on the bowl before applying the acrylic paint. The primer will seal the surface of the bowl and stop the too-rapid absorption of the artist acrylic paint. If you begin painting and make a mistake or are dissatisfied with what you simple re-prime the surface and begin again.

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