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download (1)Basic Acrylic Instruction—Amazing Results! This resource is packed with the best of Lee Hammond’s lessons and tips on working with acrylics, including more than 80 step-by-step exercises and demonstrations that will have you creating amazing paintings in no time flat. —– Success is easy—just follow along with Lee! With just seven to nine pigments, you can paint anything. You’ll learn how to add layers and details, one stroke at a time. Along the way, Lee ‘s friendly encouragement and quick tips will help you work past what she calls “the awkward stage,” so you can complete your paintings with confidence.

download (8)Learn to:

Utilize acrylics to produce different looks and textures.
Improve your technique with four-color, hands-on instruction.
Complete full-scale projects.
Discover your inner artist.
Create gorgeous paintings with this fun and easy guide to acrylics!

Always wanted to paint with acrylics? This easy-to-follow, full color guide gives you expert instruction and simple exercises in acrylic painting techniques and styles. The step-by-step projects let you practice your skill and stir your imagination — and give you the foundation to create similar projects with your own subjects and surfaces!


0-1a1a1aA summer sunset, a bubbling brook, a sea of golden wildflowers like nature itself, landscape painting doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. In this beginner-friendly guide, Lee Hammond shows you how to use a handful of colors, a simple three-step approach, and the friendly medium of acrylic to create charming landscapes throughout the seasons.

  • Step-by-step instructions for painting favorite landscape elements—skies, trees, grasses, mountains, water and more—provide endless mix-and-match possibilities.

  • 16 paint-along landscape projects can be completed quickly, using no more than 8 colors each.

  • Basic brushwork techniques, easy-to-learn painting methods, and lots of step-by-step instruction get beginners painting fast.

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