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- Secondary art syllabus model
- Individual art lessons



Secondary Art Syllabus Model :


The secondary art syllabus model is concise, complete, and a great guide for classroom procedure. The full syllabus also includes discussion of homework, assignments, grading scale examples, and more.


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Individual Art Projects/Lessons:



art_of_still_life_drawingThe still life drawing project is really a fascinating project that can stimulate and challenge student interest. General education teachers can easily incorporate this drawing project as a refreshing change from their  usual routine procedure. You do not have to be an art teacher to benefit from this project because it comes with step by step guides for teachers and students.





The lesson is a spectacular observation project designed to train the eye to look for detail. The drawing object for this project is the very popular Coca Cola bottle. Students will learn the technique of drawing with guidelines. This lesson is geared to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. Materials for this lesson are minimal and affordable.






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