Use these positive affirmations to fine-tune your artist mindset …


  1. I am going to make time to create.
  2. I am filled with endless creative energy today.
  3. I am surrounded with divine inspiration.
  4. I attract creative ideas.
  5. The painter is present within me.
  6. I allow myself to be expressive.
  7. I am open to a life of creativity.
  8. There is room for creative expression in my day.
  9. I am so spontaneous I surprise even me.
  10. My creative energy is limitless today.


Future-Tense Affirmations …


  1. I will be fearless when it comes to painting.
  2. I will approach painting with confidence and positive energy.
  3. I will just relax and enjoy myself when I paint.
  4. I am growing more and more confident as I paint.
  5. I will not let fear or nervousness stop my creativity.
  6. I will capture the beauty of life through  my art.
  7. I will continue to express myself and be creative.
  8. My artistic skills are growing stronger and stronger.
  9. I am becoming more dedicated to painting.
  10. I am starting to feel creativity grow stronger.