Making your own paint is a great way to save money ...

Making acrylic paint from base ingredients is not necessarily an easy thing to do ... the process is more easily accomplished if pre-made acrylic mediums are used. When it comes to making your own paint, a large range of paint qualities are possible. You can create paint that is thin like ink or thick like a paste.

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What you need to get started:

  • Acrylic mediums (binder)
  • Dry pigments
  • Flexible steel spatulas (mixing tool)
  • A glass surface (ideal for mixing)
  • Empty containers and stir sticks

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  • Make a small pile of pure ground pigment
  • Add water or clear alcohol
  • Use a spatula to mix, and mix completely
  • Add the acrylic medium binder
  • Your paint will be similar to the manufactured product


1. Mixing pigments

When you experiment with dry pigments, you may notice that some pigments are difficult to mix with water. It is mostly the organic pigments that tend to cause you difficulty because of their low density.

Organic pigments are lighter than water and float on top of it. Using additives such as Ox gall will help to disperse the pigment but it will require vigorous grinding.

The way to get around this problem is to wet the pigments with alcohol. Alcohol makes it much easier to disperse the pigment because alcohol is less dense than water and also less dense than organic pigments.

Alcohol evaporates quickly so add water as soon as the pigments are wet. Once done, use your flexible steel spatula to grind your pigments. Now is the time to add the acrylic binder you have chosen. The last step is to simply mix the pigments in.


 2. Tubing your paint

images (3)Tubing your homemade paint is a great way to save time and money. You've spent lots of time making your paints, so why not have them ready to use by storing the paints in tubes. Tubes allow you to preserved the paint for long periods of time. Label the tubes with information about the  pigment you used and the specific proportions.

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