Acrylic Paintbrush Guide

How to select the right brush



Choices! ... which brush? 

Before you make any purchases, consider the size of your painting and determine the style you will use. Base the brushes you purchase on those important factors. Visit your local art store for a hands-on experience. Hold the brush, weigh it in your thoughts, get a feel for it.

Carefully check the condition of the brush and look for loose or damaged bristles. Observe the different textures and the firmness of the bristles. If you are a beginner, start with the cheap or moderately priced brushes.

Brush Types 

Round or pointed tip


Use this brush for your detail work. It is good for outlining and for filling in those tiny areas. You can go from thin to thick lines with this brush, depending on how much pressure you apply.

Square/flat end


Brushes for wider, bold strokes ... great for filling in big spaces ... can be used for stripes and straight edges.



If you want to blend soft rounded edges like the edges of flower petals, this is the perfect tool. the Filbert is a combination of the round and the flat.


Angular flat

This brush is ideal for filling in corners. It is excellent for making curved strokes. As you can see, it is similar to the flat brush.



The spread hairs of this brush make it easy for blending, feathering, and smoothing. If you are working on landscapes, this is a good brush for leaves and other natural textures.

Brush Bristles 

 PIG HAIR.2jpgPig Hair Brushes  The bristles are stiff and great for moving thick paint around the canvas. These long handle brushes are best used with oil paints.

Mink or sable BrushesSABLE2A  Mink or sable brushes are best used with watercolor paints. These soft hair brushes are expensive and usually come with a short handle.

synthetic2Synthetic Brushes  Synthetic brushes come with  a blend of synthetic bristles and natural hair bristles. 100% synthetic brushes are also available. These are the best brushes to use with acrylics paints. They come in short and long handles.



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