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Showcase Your Paintings and your acrylic painting techniques ... free

Establish your online presence with your own art website . A website is the perfect way to showcase and sell your paintings ... Reach millions of  art-devotees worldwide. Whether it is to sell artwork, kites, vacuum cleaners, or something else entirely … consider the following:

1. You do not necessarily need a product of your own to sell, in order to make money online.There are affiliate programs who would love to advertise their products on your website and pay you for it.


2. You don't need awesome confidence or computer savvy to build your own website. It does not matter that you have little computer experience. Your education level is irrelevant.


3. You do not have to put out any expenses ...  no costs, no fees, no contracts, no foolin'.


There is an online-program that will teach you everything you need to know about building a website and starting an online business . You learn, you study,  you work from home, and there is no charge. The online-program is called, "Wealthy Affiliate" or "WA."

I've been a Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 6 years. I knew very little about building websites or internet marketing when I signed on, I had just retired from a career in teaching (H. S. Art). Now, I have several successful websites , like the one you are currently visiting.

WA makes money from premium memberships. You are welcome to become a premium member but you don't have to. You can remain a non-premium member.

You will be closely assisted  from the start of your website-building experience to it's completion  and you will have access to a very helpful 24/7 live chat exchange and to all the help you could possibly need.


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R5584937714_c450eb6747_neviews were written by Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members or by those who have closely observed the program.

Review Author: Jennifer Ledbetter

Pros: After 3+ years of membership at Wealthy Affiliate, I can safely and honestly say that WA is THE best place to be to learn and exceed with internet marketing. Whatever you need to learn throughout your internet marketing career will be found inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Cons: There is SO much inside WA that many ‘newbies’ are flat out overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all. Feeling as if it is necessary to digest it all super fast has probably caused some new WA members to suffer from info overload.

Just like a pan of brownies, the info in Wealthy Affiliate is NOT designed to be digested all in one sitting. Learning the skills you need in your new career is a process and is best taken in bite-sized ‘chunks’. Learn something, implement it, move forward.


Written by: Ryan Moran:

Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, the most complete and best training available to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate goes step-by-step to train its members to be experts in affiliate marketing, and it provides every tool needed to be successful.

When world-class training simply isn’t enough, you can call on the advice of Affiliate Marketing Superheroes.

Kyle and Carson are millionaires, yet they PERSONALLY answer every single message that they receive. When you need help with your business, you have access to world-class coaches.


Wealthy Affiliate Review by 

For those people just starting out. Remember, the key to success lies in your ability to learn and take action. With a FREE membership at Wealthy affiliate you get video lessons (with text) covering all the basics and some more advanced stuff. You have access to a forum that will have an answer to all your problems.


Review by: Viterbi   

16736055055_44691be993_nEveryone knows that the vast majority of all these Internet Marketing products are nothing more than prospective profiteers and speculators seeking to take advantage of our ignorance or need. After MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and before I know it I found myself having spent hundreds of dollars into similar products only to find out that my expectations were not even closely met. Believe me when saying that I HAVE SEEN MY MONEY FLUSHED DOWN THE DRAIN by all these products out there and it’s only when my path led me to Wealthy Affiliate  that I realized why: The Wealthy Affiliate University Is Ranked As The No 1 And Most Popular Internet Marketing Program On The Internet!


Review by: Alex Sol 

So what exactly do you get access to when you join Wealthy Affiliate? .....

  • Over 500 training resources
  • 2 free WordPress websites, hosted for no cost
  • The community (10,000′s of other members)
  • Instant live support
  • WA keyword research tool
  • Rapid writer, article writing tool
  • Enrollment in the official  Online Entrepreneur Certification program!
  • Ability to network with industry experts
  • Our highly lucrative affiliate program


Review by: Dimitry

Wealthy Affiliate is great for newbies but if you consider yourself a seasoned Internet marketer and already making $2000+/month you don’t need WA as your time would be better spend on more advanced tools and techniques.

Wealthy Affiliate provide number of tools that will help you automate and speed up certain tasks – keyword research, website building, niche and product research, content spinning etc. They are OK to get started and since you get them for free with your Wealthy Affiliate membership there is nothing to complain about, BUT there are first-class tools available on the market that will give you better results faster.